Development and Change at 40


  • Ben White

    1. is Professor of Rural Sociology at the International Institute of Social Studies (PO Box 29776, 2509 LT The Hague, e-mail: and Professor in Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam. He joined the Editorial Board of Development and Change in 1992 and was its Chair from 1997 to 2009.
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  • Thanks to my fellow editors for helpful and critical comments on a first draft. In addition I would like to express my appreciation to my current fellow editors Kees Biekart, Amrita Chhachhi, Bridget O’Laughlin, Ashwani Saith and Servaas Storm, to previous fellow editors Asef Bayat and Martin Doornbos, and the late Henk van Roosmalen, and to Managing Editor Paula Bownas and Editorial Assistants Caroline Roldanus and Judith Treanor for their dedication and many years of pleasurable collaboration and companionable meetings. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with them all.


As Development and Change completes its fortieth year, this note first describes the emergence of the journal's critical, generalist identity. It then provides a glimpse into the journal's ‘kitchen’, comments on the transformation in global access and readership since the journal went online, and reflects on the past, present and future of journal publishing in international development studies.