Book Reviews


Free Trade: Myths, Reality and Alternatives. By Graham Dunkley.

Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a Trading System for Development. Edited by Merlinda D. Ingco and John D. Nash.

Competitiveness Strategy in Developing Countries: A Manual for Policy Analysis. Edited by Ganeshan Wignaraja.

Ploughing Up The Farm: Neoliberalism, Modern Technology and the State of the World's Farmers. By Jerry Buckland.

The Divergent Dynamics of Economic Growth: Studies in Adaptive Economizing, Technological Change, and Economic Development. By Richard H. Day.

Survival for a Small Planet: The Sustainable Development Agenda. Edited by Tom Bigg.

Measuring Sustainability: Learning from Doing. By Simon Bell and Stephen Morse.

Structural Adjustment: The Policy Roots of Economic Crisis, Poverty and Inequality. By SAPRIN.

Elusive Equity: Education Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa. By Edward B. Fiske and Helen F. Ladd.

The Virtuous Vice: Globalization. Edited by Siamack Shojai and Robert Christopherson.

Knowledge For Development? Comparing British, Japanese, Swedish and World Bank Aid. By Kenneth King and Simon McGrath.

The Contemporary Caribbean. By Robert B. Potter, David Barker, Dennis Conway and Thomas Klak.