Power Structures and Capacity Aspects of Macro-Poverty Analyses


  • This article is based on the IDRC's experience with the Micro Impacts of Macroeconomic and Adjustment Policies (MIMAP) Program, which the IDRC has supported since 1990. However, all errors of perception and comprehension are entirely those of the author.


This article discusses the role of domestic and international power structures in macro-poverty impact analyses. It reviews current approaches to poverty measurement, to the analysis of linkages between macro policies and poverty, and to ex-ante and ex-post impact assessment. It then draws attention to the influence of country-specific governance realities and international power structures on the role and influence of PSIAs. The importance of domestic policy priorities, processes and institutions points to the necessity of overcoming domestic capacity constraints on the use of PSIA tools. PSIAs could be improved by being performed in the country of analysis, by domestic individuals and institutions, with all the long-term external suppport they need.