Book Reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Perspectives on European Development Co-operation: Policy and Performance of Individual Donor Countries and the EU. Edited by Paul Hoebink and Olav Stokke

Economic Development and UN Reform: Towards a Common Agenda for Action – A Proposal in the Context of the Millennium Development Goals. By Carlos A. Magarinos

Inclusive Citizenship: Meanings and Expressions. By Nalia Kabeer

Chronic Poverty Report 2004–05

Economic Security for a Better World. By the ILO Socio-Economic Security Programme

European Migration: What Do We Know? Edited by Klaus F. Zimmerman

The Millennium Development Goals and Migration. By Erica Usher

Global Monitoring Report 2004: Policies and Actions for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals and Related Outcomes. By World Bank and IMF Staff

Globalisation, Poverty and Inequality: Between a Rock and a Hard Place. By Raphael Kaplinsky

Globalisation, ICT and Developing Nations: Challenges in the Information Age. By Sumit Roy

Development Economics: From the Poverty to the Wealth of Nations. By Youjiro Hayami and Yoshihisa Godo

Healing Wounds: How the International Research Centers of the CGIAR Help Rebuild Agriculture in Countries Affected by Conflicts and Natural Disasters. By Surendra Varma and Mark Winslow

Agriculture, Environment and Human Welfare in West Asia and North Africa: The Search for Sustainability