Five Debates on International Development: The US Perspective


  • Andrew S. Natsios

    Corresponding author
    1. Now serving as Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at the Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
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address: Georgetown University, 37th and O Street, Washington, DC 20057 (


Andrew S. Natsios was Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development until January 2006. The US has the largest aid programme in the world but labours under certain constraints, notably a proliferation of Congressionally-imposed budget earmarks. Mr Natsios has been an articulate advocate as well as an outspoken reformer of the US approach to aid. It was appropriate, then, for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Overseas Development of the Westminster parliament, together with ODI, to invite him to speak in Parliament on 12 October 2005.1 The present article, a version of that APGOOD speech revised by Mr Natsios since his November resignation, has been judged by DPR Editors to be an important development policy statement worthy of publication.

Adrian Hewitt