Designing new institutions for implementing integrated disaster risk management: key elements and future directions


Professor Chennat Gopalakrishnan, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI 96822-2279, USA. Telephone: +1 808 956 7497; fax: +1 808-956-6539; e-mail:


The goal of integrated disaster risk management is to promote an overall improvement in the quality of safety and security in a region, city or community at disaster risk. This paper presents the case for a thorough overhaul of the institutional component of integrated disaster risk management. A review of disaster management institutions in the United States indicates significant weaknesses in their ability to contribute effectively to the implementation of integrated disaster risk management. Our analysis and findings identify eight key elements for the design of dynamic new disaster management institutions. Six specific approaches are suggested for incorporating the identified key elements in building new institutions that would have significant potential for enhancing the effective implementation of integrated disaster risk management. We have developed a possible blueprint for effective design and construction of efficient, sustainable and functional disaster management institutions.