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Dissecting obesogenic behaviours: the development and application of a test battery for targeting prescription for weight loss


Professor G Egger, Centre for Health Promotion and Research, PO Box, 313 Balgowlah, NSW 2093, Australia.


There are limited practical tools to help clinicians or public health workers manage obesity in their patients. We have previously developed a scanning technique for diagnosing environments leading to obesity (Analysis Grid for Environments/Elements Leading to Obesity). Here we describe the development of a tool for identifying behaviours in an individual most likely to lead to obesity. A questionnaire battery of five tests called the DAB-Q (Diet, Activity and Behaviour Questionnaire) was developed, piloted and internally validated with overweight women from a commercial weight loss programme. Outcome from the tests, which are available free on the Internet, provides clinicians with a simple, effective and time-saving tool for ranking foods, drinks and activities likely to be most effectively targeted for weight loss in an individual. This is based on total scores derived from measures of frequency, potential for change and potency of each item as a potential contributor to overweight.