Prevalence of obesity among children aged 6–7 years in South-East Serbia


Goran Belojevic, MD, PhD, Professor, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Dr Subotica 8, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia. E-mail: gogibel@eunet.yu


A cross-sectional study of the prevalence of obesity in urban and rural areas of South-East Serbia was performed on 541 children (273 boys and 268 girls), aged 6–7 years. Prevalence of obesity in urban boys and girls was 6.3% and 3.8% respectively (P > 0.05). Prevalence of obesity in rural boys and girls was 1.1% and 3.3% respectively (P > 0.05). The difference in the prevalence of obesity between urban boys and rural boys was statistically significant (P < 0.05), while the difference between urban and rural girls was insignificant (P > 0.05). Urban boys consumed more sweets and fast food compared with rural boys (P < 0.05). Urban children spent more time in watching TV compared with rural children (P < 0.05).