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Dietary and lifestyle interventions for weight management in adults from minority ethnic/non-White groups: a systematic review


G Osei-Assibey, CSRI, University Hospital Coventry, Clifford Bridge Road, Coventry CV2 2DX, UK. E-mail:


Minority ethnic/non-White populations are more prone to weight gain and more susceptible to obesity-related complications. The objective of this study was to systematically review dietary and lifestyle interventions for weight management in minority ethnic groups. Electronic databases and reference lists of original studies and reviews were searched for studies on dietary and lifestyle weight management interventions published. Randomized clinical trials with ≥6-month duration were included. Nineteen studies met the inclusion criteria. Fourteen studies involved African–Americans, one in non-White Hispanics, one in Japanese Americans and three in both African–Americans and non-White Hispanics. Most of the interventions proved relatively effective. However, significant drawbacks were noted for several of these studies, such as small sample size, high attrition rates and lack of follow-up data. Better quality and long-term trials are required in order to investigate in detail the effectiveness of lifestyle changes for weight management in these populations and eventually support evidence-based recommendations.