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Genetic variants and the metabolic syndrome: a systematic review


CM Povel, RIVM, Centre for Nutrition and Health, Postbus 1, 3720 BA Bilthoven, the Netherlands. E-mail:


Several candidate gene studies on the metabolic syndrome (MetS) have been conducted. However, for most single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) no systematic review on their association with MetS exists. A systematic electronic literature search was conducted until the 2nd of June 2010, using HuGE Navigator. English language articles were selected. Only genes of which at least one SNP–MetS association was studied in an accumulative total population ≥4000 subjects were included. Meta-analyses were conducted on SNPs with three or more studies available in a generally healthy population. In total 88 studies on 25 genes were reviewed. Additionally, for nine SNPs in seven genes (GNB3, PPARG, TCF7L2, APOA5, APOC3, APOE, CETP) a meta-analysis was conducted. The minor allele of rs9939609 (FTO), rs7903146 (TCF7L2), C56G (APOA5), T1131C (APOA5), C482T (APOC3), C455T (APOC3) and 174G>C (IL6) were more prevalent in subjects with MetS, whereas the minor allele of Taq-1B (CETP) was less prevalent in subjects with the MetS. After having systematically reviewed the most studied SNP–MetS associations, we found evidence for an association with the MetS for eight SNPs, mostly located in genes involved in lipid metabolism.