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Poverty Alleviation in the People's Republic of China: The Implications for Sino–African Cooperation in Poverty Reduction


  • Zhong Wu,

  • Enjiang Cheng

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    • Zhong Wu and Enjiang Cheng work for the International Poverty Reduction Centre in China. Enjiang Cheng is also an adjunct professor at Zhejiang University, China.


Abstract:  In the last thirty years, remarkable achievements have been made in China's poverty reduction course. The dramatic fall in China's poor can be attributed mainly to a high rate of economic growth, government poverty reduction policies and targeted programmes and pro-poor macroeconomic and industrial policies. This paper focuses on China's poverty reduction policies and programmes and their impact on the poor regions and poor households. Lessons are drawn for poverty reduction and economic development in African countries. The paper also explores the potential for collaboration in poverty reduction between China and African countries and recommendations are made for the governments and donor agencies.