Charity and self-help: Migrants' social networks and health care in the homeland (Respond to this article at


  • Abdoulaye Kane

    1. Assistant Professor in Anthropology and in the Center for African Studies at the University of Florida. His teaching and research interest is the transnational practices of Haalpulaar migrants in Europe and the US and their impact on the sending communities. His email is
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This article examines the delivery of healthcare by Haalpulaar immigrants' village association in France to their rural villages in Senegal. In the context of the neo-liberal reforms in Senegal, the Haalpulaar immigrants have been very active in funding community project in the health sector for their communities of origin left to fend for themselves by the State. Haalpulaar migrants associations like TAD (Thilogne Association Developpement) and Fuuta Santé are improving access to healthcare in the Senegal River valley through the remittances of biomedicine, medical equipment as well as the organization of annual health caravans with the participation of French health professionals and local partners.