The Dale farm eviction: Interview with Judith Okely on Gypsies and Travellers (Respond to this article at


  • Judith Okely,

    1. Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology, Hull University and Research Associate in the School of Anthropology, Oxford University. She has done research among Gypsies and residents of rural Normandy. Her forthcoming book Anthropological practice: Fieldwork and the ethnographic method draws upon dialogues with more than 20 anthropologists of 16 nationalities. Her email is
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  • Gustaaf Houtman

    1. Editor of ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY.
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Dale Farm, an Irish Traveller site in Essex which until recently was occupied by multiple families, gained national and some international publicity in October 2011, when an eviction order against its unauthorized settlement was enforced. In this interview, Judith Okely, who has performed fieldwork and research with traveller communities, reflects on the issues surrounding the eviction.