Diapraxis rules OK


  • Jonathan Benthall

    1. Honorary research fellow in the Department of Anthropology, University College London, and was founding editor of ANTHROPOLOGY TODAY. Since 2005, he has been engaged as an adviser to the Islamic Charities Project (formerly the Montreux Initiative), sponsored by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. His publications include Returning to Religion: Why a secular age is haunted by faith (I.B. Tauris) His email is jonathanbenthall@hotmail.com
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Social-cultural anthropologists' well established tradition of studying conflict resolution has hitherto had only limited application in practical programmes for intercultural ‘mediation’ on a large scale. This guest editorial suggests how the new concept of ‘diapraxis’, a practical replacement for ‘dialogue’, might stimulate a more systematic engagement from anthropologists. Some examples of diapraxis relating to the Islamic world are summarized, as described in a recent issue of Swiss government journal Politorbis.