Risk, protection, and resilience in Chinese adolescents: A psycho-social study


Andrew J. Martin, Faculty of Education and Social Work, A35 – Education Building, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia. Email: andrew.martin@sydney.edu.au


A total of 636 Grade 11 Chinese students completed measures of risk factors, protective factors, and problem behaviour complemented by achievement data. In terms of risk factors, poor parental management and low school commitment were significant predictors of problem behaviour while low school commitment was a significant predictor of low academic achievement. In terms of protective factors, family attachment, opportunities and recognition for pro-social involvement in school, and high school expectation of behaviour negatively predict problem behaviour. Pro-social involvement in school and high expectations of behaviour significantly predict academic achievement. There was also a significant difference on protective factors between resilient and non-resilient groups from high-risk family environments.