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Public health, political morality and compassion


  • Gavin Mooney

    Corresponding author
    1. Social and Public Health Economics Research Group (SPHERe), Centre for International Health, Curtin University, Western Australia
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Centre for International Health, Curtin University, GPO Box U1987, Perth, Western Australia 6845. Fax: (08) 9266 2608; e-mail: g.mooney@curtin.edu.au


Objective: To put the case that public health professionals have a responsibility to foster a more informed, autonomous community.

Method: To argue that the current Australian Federal Government is failing to provide the impetus for building a compassionate society, particularly with respect to social justice for asylum seekers and Aboriginal people.

Results: There is a need for public health professionals to assist in promoting an informed debate about what it means to be a minimally decent Australian.

Conclusions and implications: Education of the citizenry and by the academy in public debate and public debating is the lifeblood of democracy. This is the ethical goal of public health.