Book Reviews


Building Better Health - A Handbook of Behavioral Change By C. David Jenkins.

Global Public Health Communication: Challenges, Perspectives and Strategies Edited by Muhiuddin Haider. Reviewed by Jonathon P. Ehsani

Social Learning in Environmental Management: Towards a Sustainable Future Edited by Meg Keen, Valerie A. Brown and Bob Dyball. Reviewed by Glenda Verrinder

The impact of inequality. How to make sick societies healthier By Richard Wilkinson. Reviewed by Gavin Mooney

The End of Poverty: how we can make it happen in our lifetime By Jeffrey Sachs. Reviewed by Peter Tait

Statistics for Health Care Professionals: an introduction By lan Scott and Debbie Mazhindu. Reviewed by Stephen Polgar

Sex in Development: Science, Sexuality, and Morality in Global Perspective Edited by Vincanne Adams and Stacy Leigh Pigg. Reviewed by Emma Kowal

Ecological Debt: the health of the planet and the wealth of nations By Andrew Simms. Reviewed by Valerie A. Brown