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Solaria use in Queensland, Australia


Cancer Prevention Research Centre, School of Population Health, level 3, Public Health Building, University of Queensland, Herston Road, Herston, Queensland 4006. Fax: (07) 3365 5540; e-mail: s.lawler@uq.edu.au


Objective:To describe the demographics of solarium users and the correlates of solarium use in Queensland.

Methods:A cross-sectional survey of 9,419 Queensland residents was conducted via an anonymous computerassisted telephone interview.

Results:Overall, 8.8% of the respondents had ever used a solarium and less than 1% had used a solarium in the previous year. Results indicated that users were more likely to be female and younger than non-users, and less than half of the users signed a consent form, suggesting that they had not been made aware of the associated risks by operators.

Conclusions:The Queensland Cancer Risk Study was one of the first population-based studies to address solarium use in this State and highlights that the use of solariums in Queensland is low in comparison to other countries.

Implications:There is no regulation of compliance with guidelines. It may become necessary to make compliance with the guidelines mandatory to effectively communicate the associated risks.