From Manuscript to Publication: A Brief Guide for Economists


  • John Creedy

    1. Department of Economics, The University of Melbourne
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      This article was written in response to several requests from colleagues and graduate students. It can be regarded as a sequel to my article on starting research and writing research reports; see Creedy (2001), substantially revised and extended in Creedy (2002). I should like to thank Veronica Jacobsen for encouragement and helpful discussions, and Siobhan Austen, Harry Bloch, Mark Casson, Robert Dixon, Edward Elgar, Nisvan Erkal, John Fender, Norman Gemmell, Ross Guest, Guyonne Kalb, Ingrid Linsley and Denis O'Brien for comments on earlier versions. However, as these people were not referees, I have had the luxury of being selective in following their comments.