Book reviwed in this articles.

The Seeds of Democracy: Early Elections in Colonial New South Wales. By M.M.H. Thompson

“No Fit Place for Women”? Women in New South Wales Politics, 1856-2006. Edited by Deborah Brennan and Louise Chappell

The Hitler Club. By Gary Gumpl and Richard Kleinig

Cabinet Government in Australia, 1901-2006. By Patrick Weller

Deported: A History of Forced Departures from Australia. By Glenn Nicholls

Behind Closed Doors: Politics, Scandals and the Lobbying Industry. By John Warhurst

Capitalist Networks and Social Power in Australia and New Zealand. By Georgina Murray

Writing Party History: Papers from a Seminar held at Parliament House, Sydney, May 2006. Edited by David Clune and Ken Turner

No, Prime Minister: Reclaiming Politics from Leaders. By James Walter and Paul Strangio

Great Mistakes of Australian History. Edited by Martin Crotty and David Andrew Roberts

Violence and Colonial Dialogue: The Australian-Pacific Indentured Labor Trade. By Tracey Banivanua-Mar

Redefining the Pacific? Regionalism, Past, Present and Future. Edited by Jenny Bryant-Tolalau and Ian Frazer.

Builders of Empire: Freemasons and British Imperialism, 1717-1927. By Jessica L. Harland-Jacobs

The Victorians: An Age in Retrospect. By John Gardiner

Thomas Carlyle. By John Morrow

Herbert Spencer and the Invention of Modern Life. By Mark Francis

The Irish General Thomas Francis Meagher. By Paul R. Wylie

Hitler's Bavarian Antagonist. Georg Moenius and the Allgemeine Rundschau of Munich, 1929-1933. By Gregory Munro

Legitimizing Military Rule: Indonesian Armed Forces Ideology, 1958-2000. By Salim Said

Soeharto's Armed Forces: Problems of Civil Military Relations in Indonesia. By Salim Said

Democratic Accountability: Why Choice in Politics is Both Possible and Necessary. By Leif Lewin

War in Human Civilization. By Azar Gat

The Law of Armed Conflict: Constraints on the Contemporary Use of Military Force. Edited by Howard M. Hensel

The One and the Many: Reading Isaiah Berlin. Edited by George Crowder and Henry Hardy