Citizen Centric Service in the Australian Department of Human Services: The Department's Experience in Engaging the Community in Co-design of Government Service Delivery and Developments in E-Government Services (澳大利亚人类服务部以公民为中心的服务:该部门在促进群体参与协同设计政府服务提供和发展在电子政府的经验)



The Department of Human Services (DHS) is responsible for delivering the majority of the Australian Governments social, health and welfare programs. Government services have traditionally been delivered in policy program silos. However, there has been growing acknowledgement of the overlapping needs of those accessing services, such as employment, mental health and housing. Co-design moves towards gaining an understanding of the experiences of the users and their communities, and giving these communities a legitimate role in development and design. Co-design is about finding the balance between what customers want, what is possible and what is viable. DHS has undertaken a series of community fora to better understand these needs and wants, to further inform the development of new service offers under the Australian Government's Service Delivery Reform (SDR) agenda. DHS has also introduced eServices to further improve customer access, and to inform DHS to better develop products that meet customer needs. Co-design is an important feature of contemporary service delivery by DHS.