Learning design and assessment with e-tivities


  • Alejandro Armellini is a senior learning designer at the Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester, UK. He works closely with academic course teams in the areas of technology-enhanced design for learning and assessment, with a focus on distance learning. He is the principal investigator on the HE Academy-funded ADDER and the JISC-funded OTTER projects. Olaojo Aiyegbayo was a research associate on the ADDER project and project manager for the CHEETAH project at Leicester. He is now a researcher at the University of Bristol.

Dr Alejandro Armellini, Beyond Distance Research Alliance, University of Leicester, 1807 Attenborough Tower, University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, UK. Tel: 0116 252 2768; email: aa277@le.ac.uk.


This paper reported on the findings of research into innovation in e-learning design and assessment through the development and implementation of online learning activities (e-tivities). The focus of the study was on Carpe Diem as a process to enable academic course teams to seize 2 days to design and embed pedagogically appropriate e-tivities into their courses. The study also addressed the use of technology in the design of e-tivities and the level of tutor and learner engagement with them during course delivery. Six academic course teams representing three disciplines at four British universities took part in this 12-month study. Cognitive mapping was the main research methodology used. The results suggested that Carpe Diem is an effective and powerful team-based process to foster pedagogical change and innovation in learning design and assessment practices. The e-tivities designed during Carpe Diem were successfully used primarily for learning and formative assessment, and exceptionally for summative assessment. Web 2.0 tools, especially wikis, were employed to enable collaborative online learning and were prominent in the new designs. The tutors' e-moderation skills were key to engage learners and thus capitalise on the benefits of e-tivities.