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Modelling the factors that affect individuals’ utilisation of online learning systems: An empirical study combining the task technology fit model with the theory of planned behaviour


  • Tai-Kuei Yu is an associate professor in the Department of International Business at Southern Taiwan University. His current research interests include e-learning systems adoption, information literacy and digital divide. Tai-Yi Yu is an assistant professor in the Department of Risk Management and Insurance at Ming Chuan University with research interests in multivariate statistical manners, perceived risk and risk analysis.

Dr. Tai-Kuei Yu, Southern Taiwan University, Department of International Business, 1 Nan-Tai Street, YungKang City, Tainan Hsien, Taiwan. Tel:+886-6-2533131x5124; Email:


Understanding learners’ behaviour, perceptions and influence in terms of learner performance is crucial to predict the use of electronic learning systems. By integrating the task-technology fit (TTF) model and the theory of planned behaviour (TPB), this paper investigates the online learning utilisation of Taiwanese students. This paper provides a better understanding of individual, technological and social factors regarding online learning system performance. A total of 870 students who were earlier introduced to e-learning were surveyed after a period of exposure to the system. The results of the research model were analysed using a structural equation modelling approach to verify 10 hypotheses; support was found for eight of them. This paper offers a new perspective on the mechanisms through the TTF and TPB model constructs, which facilitates e-learning learner performance and offers important implications for understanding learner performance in online learning environments.