Theorizing the Employment Relationship: Materialists and Institutionalists


Books reviewed:

Paul Blyton and Peter Turnbull. The Dynamics of Employee Relations.
Bruce E. Kaufman, editor. Theoretical Perspectives on Work and the Employment Relationship.
Reviewed by Peter Ackers

Harry C. Katz, Wonduck Lee and Joohee Lee, editors. The New Structure of Labor Relations — Tripartism and Decentralization.
Reviewed by Lorenzo Bordogna

Ian Fitzgerald and John Stirling, editors. European Works Councils: Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will?.
Reviewed by Richard Hyman

John McIlroy, Alan Campbell and Keith Gildart, editors. Industrial Politics and the 1926 Mining Lockout: The Struggle for Dignity.
Keith Gildart. North Wales Miners: A Fragile Unity, 1945–1996.
Reviewed by Richard Croucher

Massimo Florio. The Great Divestiture — Evaluating the Impact of the British Privatisations 1979–1997.
Reviewed by Michael G. Pollitt

Elizabeth C. Dunn. Privatizing Poland — Baby Food, Big Business, and the Remaking of Labor.
Reviewed by Tatjana Thelen

Jonathan Brock and David B. Lipsky, editors. Going Public: The Role of Labor-Management Relations in Delivering Quality Government Services.
Reviewed by Rebecca Kolins Givan

William J. Baumol, Alan S. Blinder and Edward N. Wolff. Downsizing in America — Reality, Causes, and Consequences.
Reviewed by John Schmitt

D. Grant, C. Hardy, C. Oswick and L. Putnam, editors. The Sage Handbook of Organizational Discourse.
Reviewed by Barbara Townley