Gender Subtexts – Reproduction of Exclusion in Organizational Discourse


  • *An earlier version of this paper was presented at the Conference of the Academy of Management (Hawaii, 2005). I thank the anonymous reviewers of the Academy of Management and of the British Journal of Management for their helpful comments.


Many scholars have set out to re-read, deconstruct and reconstruct organizational texts in terms of gender. Their work examines the gender subtexts in the extant literature. First, this text uses the term ‘gender subtext’ and discusses the methodological basis of gender subtext discourse. Then, eight forms of gender subtext are presented, which reflect the current reproduction of gender in organizational discourse. These variations of gender subtext are based on a re-reading of 24 texts. This paper forms part of a wider intellectual objective of creating discursive space, which transgresses mainstream malestream disciplinary borders, aiming to create ‘gendered organization theory’.