• Botswana;
  • secondary;
  • education;
  • case studies

Pupils with albinism potentially face a number of challenges in accessing quality education in schools in Botswana. Physical issues such as poor eyesight related to the condition and the problems of sensitive skin in such a dry and warm climate are both contributing factors to making learning problematic for some pupils. This study by Gareth Dart of the University of Worcester, Tiroyaone Nkanotsang from a junior secondary school in Botswana, Ose Chizwe from the Government of Botswana and Lily Kowa from a junior secondary school in Botswana, considers the educational experience of two particular pupils with albinism in junior secondary schools in Botswana. Case studies were carried out by student teachers on teaching practice. Issues arising from the case studies of the two pupils were combined with the life story of a third student teacher who himself has albinism. The authors conclude by making some recommendations as to how the experience of pupils with albinism might be improved in the light of local conditions and principles of development.