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Destination unknown? Transition to adulthood for people with autism spectrum disorders


  • Ewelina Rydzewska

Address for correspondence:  Ewelina Rydzewska  University of the West of Scotland School of  Education  University Avenue, Ayr Campus  South Ayrshire KA8 0SX  UK  Email:


This article, written by Ewelina Rydzewska, a PhD student and associate lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland, draws upon a range of research evidence in order to explore the process of transition to adulthood for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It provides a brief overview of extended and complex youth transitions in different cultural contexts, with particular reference to Scotland. It also highlights particular patterns of vulnerability for people with ASD. The focus here is on the nature of ASD and its impact on the transition to adulthood, the conceptualisation of this process, the characteristics of effective service provision, as well as the ever-changing social, political and economic context of young people's transitions. The article concludes with a summary of principal conclusions drawn from the current literature and some suggestions for future research.