Manuscripts Accepted for Publication

Maternal Correlates of Growth in Toddler Vocabulary Production in Low-Income Families, Barbara Alexander Pan, Meredith L. Rowe, Judith D. Singer, and Catherine E. Snow.

“This Is a Bad Dog, You Know ... ”: Constructing Shared Meanings During Sibling Pretend Play, Nina Howe, Hariclia Petrakos, Christina M. Rinaldi, and Rachel LeFebvre.

Duration and Developmental Timing of Poverty and Children's Cognitive and Social Development From Birth Through Third Grade, NICHD Early Child Care Research Network.

An Ecological Analysis of After-School Program Participation and the Development of Academic Performance and Personality Attributes for Poor Children, Joseph L. Mahoney, Heather Lord, and Erica Carryl.

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Sex-Typed Behavior During the Preschool Years, Alessandra C. Iervolino, Melissa Hines, Susan E. Golombok, John Rust, and Robert Plomin.

Gender Differences in Developmental Links Between Antisocial Behavior, Friends' Antisocial Behavior, and Peer Rejection in Childhood, Pol A. M. van Lier, Frank Vitaro, Brigitte Wanner, Patricia Vuijk, and Alfons Crijnen.

Concurrent and Predictive Validity of Parent Reports of Child Language at Ages 2 and 3 Years, Heidi M. Feldman, Philip S. Dale, Thomas F. Campbell, D. Kathleen Colborn, Marcia Kurs-Lasky, Howard E. Rockette, and Jack L. Paradise.

How Do Parents Learn About Adolescents' Experiences? Implications for Parental Knowledge and Adolescent Risky Behavior, Ann C. Crouter, Matthew Bumpus, Kelly Davis, and Susan McHale.

Why Won't You Change Your Mind? Knowledge of Operational Patterns Hinders Learning and Performance on Equations, Nicole M. McNeil and Martha W. Alibali.

The Impact of Parenting on Risk Cognitions and Risk Behavior: A Study of Mediation and Moderation in a Panel of African American Adolescents, Michael J. Cleveland, Frederick Gibbons, Meg Gerrard, Elizabeth Pomery, and Gene Brody.

Adolescents Who Witness Community Violence: Can Parent Support and Prosocial Cognitions Protect Them From Committing Violence? Kathryn A. Brookmeyer, Christopher C. Henrich, and Mary Schwab-Stone.

Examining Genetic and Environmental Effects on Social Aggression: A Study of 6-Year-Old Twins, Mara Brendgen, Ginette Dionne, Alain Girard, Michel Boivin, Frank Vitaro, and Daniel Pérusse.