This study examined identity development in a 5-wave study of 923 early-to-middle and 390 middle-to-late adolescents thereby covering the ages of 12–20. Systematic evidence for identity progression was found: The number of diffusions, moratoriums, and searching moratoriums (a newly obtained status) decreased, whereas the representation of the high-commitment statuses (2 variants of a [fore]closed identity: “early closure” and “closure,” and achievement) increased. We also found support for the individual difference perspective: 63% of the adolescents remained in the same identity status across the 5 waves. Identity progression was characterized by 7 transitions: diffusion [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] moratorium, diffusion [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] early closure, moratorium [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] closure, moratorium [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] achievement, searching moratorium [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] closure, searching moratorium [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] achievement, and early closure [RIGHTWARDS ARROW] achievement.