• topic-focused multidocument summarization;
  • topic analysis;
  • multimodality manifold-ranking

Topic-focused multidocument summarization has been a challenging task because the created summary is required to be biased to the given topic or query. Existing methods consider the given topic as a single coarse unit, and then directly incorporate the relevance between each sentence and the single topic into the sentence evaluation process. However, the given topic is usually not well defined and it consists of a few explicit or implicit subtopics. In this study, the related subtopics are discovered from the topic's narrative text or document set through topic analysis techniques. Then, the sentence relationships against each subtopic are considered as an individual modality and the multimodality manifold-ranking method is proposed to evaluate and rank sentences by fusing the multiple modalities. Experimental results on the DUC benchmark data sets show the promising results of our proposed methods.