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Bayesian Scheme for Interactive Colourization, Recolourization and Image/Video Editing



We propose a general image and video editing method based on a Bayesian segmentation framework. In the first stage, classes are established from scribbles made by a user on the image. These scribbles can be considered as a multi-map (multi-label map) that defines the boundary conditions of a probability measure field to be computed for each pixel. In the second stage, the global minima of a positive definite quadratic cost function with linear constraints, is calculated to find the probability measure field. The components of such a probability measure field express the degree of each pixel belonging to spatially smooth classes. Finally, the computed probabilities (memberships) are used for defining the weights of a linear combination of user provided colours or effects associated to each class. The proposed method allows the application of different operators, selected interactively by the user, over part or the whole image without needing to recompute the memberships. We present applications to colourization, recolourization, editing and photomontage tasks.