• non-photorealistic rendering;
  • artificial mosaic;
  • graph cuts;
  • optimization
  • I.3.3 [Computer Graphics]: Picture/Image Generation—Line and curve generation


Classic mosaic is an old and durable art form. Generating artificial classic mosaics from digital images is an interesting problem that has attracted attention in recent years. Previous approaches to mosaic generation are largely based on heuristics, and therefore it is harder to analyse, predict and improve their performance. In addition, previous methods have a number of disadvantages, such as requiring that the number of tiles in a mosaic is known a priori, or relying on extensive user interaction, or using heuristics for tile placement that lead to visible artefacts. We propose a classic mosaic generation algorithm that is based on a principled global optimization. Our approach is fully automatic. We design and optimize an objective function that incorporates the desired mosaic properties, such as tile alignment to significant image edges, prohibiting tile overlap, etc. Our optimization method is based on graph cuts, which proved to be a powerful optimization tool in graphics and computer vision. Experimental comparison to previous work demonstrate the advantages of our approach.