Feature Preserving Mesh Generation from 3D Point Clouds



We address the problem of generating quality surface triangle meshes from 3D point clouds sampled on piecewise smooth surfaces. Using a feature detection process based on the covariance matrices of Voronoi cells, we first extract from the point cloud a set of sharp features. Our algorithm also runs on the input point cloud a reconstruction process, such as Poisson reconstruction, providing an implicit surface. A feature preserving variant of a Delaunay refinement process is then used to generate a mesh approximating the implicit surface and containing a faithful representation of the extracted sharp edges. Such a mesh provides an enhanced trade-off between accuracy and mesh complexity. The whole process is robust to noise and made versatile through a small set of parameters which govern the mesh sizing, approximation error and shape of the elements. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method on a variety of models including laser scanned datasets ranging from indoor to outdoor scenes.