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Automatic Registration of Multi-Projector Domes Using a Single Uncalibrated Camera



In this paper we present a novel technique for easily calibrating multiple casually aligned projectors on spherical domes using a single uncalibrated camera. Using the prior knowledge of the display surface being a dome, we can estimate the camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameters and the projector to display surface correspondences automatically using a set of images. These images include the image of the dome itself and a projected pattern from each projector. Using these correspondences we can register images from the multiple projectors on the dome. Further, we can register displays which are not entirely visible in a single camera view using multiple pan and tilted views of an uncalibrated camera making our method suitable for displays of different size and resolution. We can register images from any arbitrary viewpoint making it appropriate for a single head-tracked user in a 3D visualization system. Also, we can use several cartographic mapping techniques to register images in a manner that is appropriate for multi-user visualization.

Domes are known to produce a tremendous sense of immersion and presence in visualization systems. Yet, till date, there exists no easy way to register multiple projectors on a dome to create a high-resolution realistic visualizations. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first method that can achieve accurate geometric registration of multiple projectors on a dome simply and automatically using a single uncalibrated camera.