Books reviewed:

Robert M. Clark. Intelligence Analysis: A Target-Centric Approach. Reviewed by Fred B. Bryant

Edited by Albert Somit and Steven A. Peterson. Human Nature and Public Policy: An Evolutionary Approach. Reviewed by Gordon G. Gallup Jr., Susan M. Hughes, and Marissa A. Harrison

Edited by Michael E. Brown and Sumit Ganguly. Fighting Words: Language Policy and Ethnic Relations in Asia. Reviewed by Andrea Grove

Edited by Iain Walker and Heather Smith. Relative Deprivation: Specification, Development, and Integration. Reviewed by John T. Jost

Martha K. Huggins, Mika Haritos-Fatouros, and Philip G. Zimbardo. Violence Workers: Police Torturers and Murderers Reconstruct Brazilian Atrocities. Reviewed by Michael Stohl