Book reviewed in this article:

Experiment in Autobiography. By H. G. Wells.

The Social Survey of Merseyside.

The New Philanthropy. By Elizabeth Macadam, M. A. Publisbed By George Allen and Unwin.

The First Workers Government. By G. R. Mitchison

Britain's POlitical Future. By Lord Allen of Hurtwood

The Liberal Way: A Survey of Liberal Policy. Publided by the Authorio of the National Liberal Federation. Edited by Ramsay Muir

Problems of the Socialist Transition. By Stafford Cripps and Others

Why This Socialism? By Stafford Cripps

Parliamentary Reform. By W. I. Jennings, M.A., LL.D.

Survey of International Relations, 1933 3. By Arnold Toynbee, assisted by V. M. Boulter

A Short History of International Affairs, 1920–1934. By G. M. Gathorne-Hardy

Peace With Honour. By A. A. Milne

Labour and War. By Bjarne Braatoy. Wifb a Preface by Harold J. Laski

A Better League of Nations. By F. N. Keen

Nationality and the Peace Treaties. By W. Sullivan Molony

International Narcotics Control. By L. E. S. Eisenlohr

The Saar and The Franco-German Problem. By B. T. Reynolds

The Life of Joseph Chamberlain. Vol. 111. 1895–1900. By J. L. Garvin.

The Life of Lord Carson. Vol. 11. By IAN Colvin.

The Rise of Gladstone to the Leadership of the Liberal Party, 1859–1868. By W. E. Williams.

Mr. Gladstone at the Board of Trade. By Francis E. Hyde. With a foreword Ly F. W. Hirst.

George Tierney. By H. K. Olphin.

Fox. By Christopher Hobhouse.

Rights and Duties of Englishwomen. By Erna Reiss. With a PreJae by Eleanor Rathbone, M.P.

Women Under Fascism and Communism. By Hilda Browning.

Post-War France. By Paul Vaucher D-es L. Home University Library.

Supply and Trade in The U.S.S.R. By W. Nodel.

Foreign Trade in the U.S.S.R. By J. D. Yanson.

Health Protection in the U.S.S.R. By N. A. Semashko.

The Soviet Theatre. By P. A. Markov.

Co-Operation in the U.S.S.R. By Leslie A. Paul.

War and Peace in the Soviet Union. By Gore Graham.

The October Revolution. By Joseph Stalin.

The Soviet State. By Bertram W. Maxwell, Ph.D.

Russian Sociology. By Julius Hecker, Ph.D.

C. P. Scott of the Manchester Guardian. By J. L. Hammond.