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Organizational Dynamics of the U.S. Logistics Industry: An Economic Geography Perspective


  • *Research for this paper was supported by a National Science Foundation grant (BCS-0350697), “Organizational Dynamics of the U.S. Logistics Industry: The Impacts of Inter-firm Relations, Technologies, and Globalization.” We thank the five anonymous reviewers for providing very useful suggestions for revision of earlier drafts of this article. We also want to acknowledge the contributions of the interview participants, and those who participated in our Logistics Provider Survey.


Although the logistics industry provides critical services to all sectors of the economy, few studies exist in economic geography that examine and explain the organizational dynamics of this industry. This article highlights the significance of the logistics industry in contemporary industrialization and argues that an enriched understanding of the interaction between technology and space can be achieved by examining the evolution of an industry that plays a central role in the contemporary economy. We focus on dimensions that are identified as particularly important: organizational, geographic, and risk and security.