Problems of a Local Authority in an Industrially Depressed Area


  • D. N. Chester


  • 1

    . This paper is bassed on the studies made by the author, of the relation between local authorjties and industrial activity as part of the Industrial Survey of Lancashire (excluding Merseyside), 1932; the Industrial Survey of Cumberland and Furness, 1933; and Readjustment in Lancashire, 1936. Lancahire is not regarded by the Government as being a depressed area, and takking the area as a whole, this view is correct, but there are in the county certain areas in which the extent of unemployment is equal to, if not greter than, the extent in the parts of Great Britain which have been labelled Distreassed or Special Areas.

  • 2

    . So much thought has been given recently to the possibilities of a general decline in population that little attention has been paid to the actual decline which is taking place in the depressed towns. More important than the numerical decline is the fact that it is the younger and more active people who are migrating from these areas, leaving the town with a high proportion of elderly people whose capacity for work has been seriously diminished by age long periods of unemployment.

  • 3

    . The power was first obtained by Croydon in 1927.

  • 4

    . Ministry of Health. Seventh Annul Report, p. 86.