Prismatic Theory in Public Administration: A Review of the Theories of Fred W. Riggs



    1. This article, by the Leverhulme Lecturer in Public Administration at the University of Liverpool, was originally given as a paper at the Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association in London in March 1966. Fred W. Riggs is a Professor in the Department of Government at Indiana University, and also Chairman of the Comparative Administration Group of the American Society for Public Administration. He has published two books and a number of articles specifically on comparative administration. His two books are ‘The Ecology of Public Administration’(London: Asia Publishing House, 1961, pp. 152, 20s.), and ‘Administration in Developing Countries’(Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1964, pp. 477, $7.95). Page references in the text are to ‘Administration in Developing Countries’unless otherwise stated.
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