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Empirically informing a technology delivery system model for an emerging technology: illustrated for dye-sensitized solar cells



This paper explores how to extract empirical knowledge from R&D, patent, and business literature compilations to help compose an innovation system model. It adapts the key elements and dynamics of ‘technology delivery system’ modeling to a given Newly Emerging Science & Technology. We present a 10-step analytical approach to help characterize the technology, gauge its state of development, and depict the socio-technical system institutions and actors. We apply this to the case of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs). A new ‘cross-charting’ method appears effective at associating novel technology-enabled capabilities to gain functional advantages, and to link those functions to potential applications. The resulting systems model can help private and public sector decision makers grasp key structures and processes, and how these can be tuned to enhance the prospects of successful innovation.

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