Book Reviews


Books reviewed:

Tim O’Riordan and Susanne Stoll-Kleemann (eds), Biodiversity, Sustainability and Human Communities – Protecting beyond the Protected.

Dawn Chatty and Marcus Colchester (eds), Conservation and Mobile Indigenous Peoples: Displacement, Forced Settlement and Sustainable Development.

Salman M.A. Salman and Kishor Uprety, Conflict and Cooperation on South Asia's International Rivers: A Legal Perspective.

Carolyn L. Deere and Daniel C. Esty (eds), Greening the Americas: NAFTA's Lessons for Hemispheric Trade.

Joseph Szarka, The Shaping of Environmental Policy in France.

Philippe Sands, Principles of International Environmental Law.

Richard O. Brooks, Ross Jones and Ross A. Virginia, Law and Ecology: The Rise of the Ecosystem Regime.