Country Size, Technology and Manufacturing Location


  • Kyle Handley

    Corresponding author
    1. Stanford University, 366 Galvez St, Stanford, CA 94035, USA
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    • The author is thankful to Nuno Limão, Tim Moore, Gianmarco Ottaviano, John Rust, an anonymous referree, and workshop participants at Maryland for comments and suggestions on earlier drafts.

Handley: Stanford University, 366 Galvez St, Stanford, CA 94035, USA. Tel: +1-650-723-2176; E-mail:


Country size, technology and trade costs jointly affect the location of manufacturing activity. In this paper, the combined effects of country size and technology differences on manufacturing location are examined in a simple new economic geography model. The specification yields a closed-form, analytic relationship between measures of relative productivity, country size and trade costs. The patterns of agglomeration are consistent with recent empirical evidence. Market and supplier access favor manufacturing agglomeration in large countries for high to intermediate trade costs. High productivity countries, however small, are favored for low trade costs. The model's tractability facilitates welfare analysis.