The “Russian Vogue” in Europe and Hollywood: The Transformation of Russian Stereotypes through the 1920s



    1. Oksana Bulgakowa, Professor of Film Studies at the International Film School, University of Cologne, and Visiting Professor in Slavic Languages and Literature, is a Moscow-born scholar who lives in Berlin. She has published several books on Russian and German cinema (Sergei Eisenstein: Three Utopias. Architectural Drafts For a Film Theory [1996]; FEKS—The Factory of Eccentric Actors [1997]; and The Adventures of Doctor Mabuse in the Country of Bolsheviks [1998]), directed films (Stalin—A Mosfilmproduction [1993]; The Girl Who Kissed Stalin [SR, 1995]; and The Different Faces of Sergei Eisenstein [1998]). Her biography of Sergei Eisenstein appeared in English in 2003.
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  • I am grateful to Beth Holmgren, Anna Muza, Susana Sosa, and the anonymous reviewers who helped me to bring this text into a readable form.