Books reviewed in this issue.

Literature and Fine Arts

Levitt, Marcus C. Early Modern Russian Letters: Texts and Contexts.

Chandler, Robert. Alexander Pushkin.

Sobol, Valeria. Febris Erotica: Lovesickness in the Russian Literary Imagination.

Boele, Otto. Erotic Nihilism in Late Imperial Russia: The Case of Mikhail Artsybashev's

O'Mahony, Mike. Sergei Eisenstein.

Shapiro, Gavriel. The Sublime Artist's Studio: Nabokov and Painting.

Vinokur, Val. The Trace of Judaism: Dostoevsky, Babel, Mandelstam, Levinas.

Kandinsky. Exhibition Catalogue.

Masing-Delic, Irene. Exotic Moscow under Western Eyes.

Firtich, Nikolai and Dan Ungurianu, eds. From Gogol to Victory over the Sun: Trajectories of the Russian Avant-Garde: Collection of Essays.

Zamyatin, Yevgeny. We.

Mikkonen, Simo. Music and Power in the Soviet 1930s: A History of Composers' Bureaucracy.

Connolly, Julian W. A Reader's Guide to Nabokov's

Hilton, Alison and Yelena Lembersky. Felix Lembersky 1913–1970: Paintings and Drawings.

Ryan, Karen L. Stalin in Russian Satire, 1917–1991.


Murray, Alan V., ed. The Clash of Cultures on the Medieval Baltic Frontier.

Schmähling, Angelika. Hort der Frömmigkeit, Ort der Verwahrung: Russische Frauenklöster im 16.-18. Jahrhundert.

Dippel, Stewart A. The Sacralization of the World in the Seventeenth Century: The Experience of Holiness in Everyday Life.

Jensen, Claudia R. Musical Cultures in Seventeenth-Century Russia.

Rey, Marie-Pierre. Alexandre Ier.

Ulianova, Galina. Female Entrepreneurs in Nineteenth-Century Russia.

Andrews, James T. Red Cosmos: K. E. Tsiolkovskii, Grandfather of Soviet Rocketry.

Kan, Sergei. Lev Shternberg: Anthropologist, Russian Socialist, Jewish Activist.

Patenaude, Bertrand M. Trotsky: Downfall of a Revolutionary.

Graham, Loren and Jean-Michel Kantor. Naming Infinity: A True Story of Religious Mysticism and Mathematical Creativity.

Grant, Bruce. The Captive and the Gift: Cultural Histories of Sovereignty in Russia and the Caucasus.

Engelstein, Laura. Slavophile Empire: Imperial Russia's Illiberal Path.

Gentes, Andrew A., trans. Russia's Penal Colony in the Far East: A Translation of Vlas Doroshevich's “Sakhalin”.

Sørbye, Yngvild, ed. Revolusjon, Kjaerlighet, Diplomati: Aleksandra Kollontaj og Norden.

Rosenfeldt, Niels Erik. The “Special” World: Stalin's Power Apparatus and the Soviet System's Secret Structures of Communication.

Moss, Kenneth B. Jewish Renaissance in the Russian Revolution.

Manley, Rebecca. To the Tashkent Station: Evacuation and Survival in the Soviet Union at War.

Bergman, Jay. Meeting the Demands of Reason: The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov.

Nikol'skaia, Tat'iana. Russkii protestantizm i gosudarstvennaia vlast' v 1905–1991 godakh.

Ganson, Nicholas. The Soviet Famine of 1946–47 in Global and Historical Perspective.

Dobson, Miriam. Khrushchev's Cold Summer: Gulag Returnees, Crime, and the Fate of Reform after Stalin.

Karner, Stefan, and Barbara Stelzl-Marx. Stalins Letzte Opfer: Verschleppte und erschossene Oesterreicher in Moskau, 1950–1953.

Ilic, Melanie and Jeremy Smith, eds. Soviet State and Society under Nikita Khrushchev.

Social Science, Contemporary Russia, and Other

Johnson, Janet Elise. Gender Violence in Russia: The Politics of Feminist Intervention.

Shevchenko, Olga. Crisis and the Everyday in Postsocialist Moscow.

Reuschmeyer, Marilyn and Sharon Wolchick, eds. Women in Power in Post Communist Parliaments.

Wilson Rowe, Elana, ed. Russia and the North.

Stepan, Alfred, ed. Democracies in Danger.

Baschmakoff, Natalia and Mari Ristolainen, eds. The Dacha Kingdom: Summer Dwellers and Dwellings in the Baltic Area.

Blom, Raimo, ed. Managers in Russia: Still So Different?

Chaudet, Didier, et al. When Empire Meets Nationalism: Power Politics in the U.S. and Russia.

Clunan, Anne L. The Social Construction of Russia's Resurgence: Aspirations, Identity, and Security Interests.