Books reviewed in this issue.

Literature and Fine Arts

Zhivov, Victor. Language and Culture in Eighteenth-Century Russia.

Sumarokov, Aleksandr. Ody torzhestvennyia, Elegii liubovnyia: Reprintnoe vosproizvedenie sbornikov 1774 goda.

Maiofis, Mariia. Vozzvanie k Evrope: Literaturnoe obshchestvo “Arzamas” i rossiiskii modernizatsionnyi proekt 1815–1818 godov.

Fischer, Christine. Lauras Shattenbild: Italienische Literatur in der polnischen und russischen Romantik.

Bely, Andrei. Gogol's Artistry.

Lehrman, Alexander. Anton Čechov's Višnevyj sad. A Critical Edition of the Original Russian Text with an Introduction, a New Translation, and Supplementary Materials.

LeBlanc, Ronald D. Slavic Sins of the Flesh: Food, Sex, and Carnal Appetite in Nineteenth-Century Russian Fiction.

Walton, Ann T. The International Decorative Arts Exposition in St. Petersburg, 1908.

Boele, Otto. Erotic Nihilism in Late Imperial Russia: The Case of Mikhail Artsybashev's

Tihanov, Galin, ed. Gustav Shpet's Contribution to Philosophy and Cultural History.

Harte, Tim. Fast Forward: The Aesthetics and Ideology of Speed in Russian Avant-Garde Culture, 1910–1930.

Freidin, Gregory, ed. Isaac Babel's Selected Writings.

Young, Jekaterina. Sergei Dovlatov and His Narrative Masks.

Paperno, Irina. Stories of the Soviet Experience: Memoirs, Diaries, Dreams.

Martiny, Erik. Lolita: From Nabokov to Kubrick and Lyne.

Heller, Leonid and Anne Coldefy-Faucard, eds. Exotismes dans la culture russe.

Drozdov, Iu. N. Tiurkskaia etnonimiia drevneevropeiskikh narodov.

Gvozdanovič, Jadranka. Celtic and Slavic and the Great Migrations: Reconstructing Linguistic History.


Kozelsky, Mara. Christianizing Crimea: Shaping Sacred Space in the Russian Empire and Beyond.

MacKay, John, ed., trans. Four Russian Serf Narratives.

Gorshkov, Boris B. Russia's Factory Children: State, Society, and Law, 1800–1917.

Zapal'skii, G. M. Optina pustyn' i ee vospitanniki v 1825–1917 godakh.

Siddiqi, Asif A. The Red Rocket's Glare: Spaceflight and the Soviet Imagination, 1857–1957.

Oittinen, Vesa, ed. Aleksandr Bogdanov Revisited.

Henriksson, Anders. Vassals and Citizens: The Baltic Germans in Constitutional Russia, 1905–1914.

Hamilton, Richard E. and Holger Herwig, eds. War Planning: 1914.

Michels, Georg B. and Robert L. Nichols, eds. Russia's Dissident Old Believers, 1650–1950.

Dolbilov, M. and P. Rogoznyi, eds. Pravoslavie: Konfessiia, instituty, religioznost' (XVII–XX vv.): Sbornik nauchnykh rabot.

Urbansky, Sören. Kolonialer Wettstreit: Russland, China, Japan und die Ostchinesische Eisenbahn.

Kowalsky, Sharon A. Deviant Women: Female Crime and Criminology in Revolutionary Russia, 1880–1930.

Josephson, Paul R. Would Trotsky Wear a Bluetooth? Technological Utopianism under Socialism, 1917–1989.

Rendle, Matthew. Defenders of the Motherland: The Tsarist Elite in Revolutionary Russia.

Geffert, Bryn. Eastern Orthodox and Anglicans. Diplomacy, Theology, and the Politics of Interwar Ecumenism.

Junge, Marc. Die Gesellschaft ehemaliger politischer Zwangsarbeiter und Verbannter in der Sowjetunion: Gründung, Entwicklung und Liquidierung (1921–1935).

Qualls, Karl D. From Ruins to Reconstruction: Urban Identity in Soviet Sevastopol after World War II.

Service, Robert. Trotsky: A Biography.

Randall, Amy. The Soviet Dream World of Retail Trade and Consumption in the 1930s.

Binner, Rolf, et. al. Massenmord und Lagenhaft: Die andere Geschichte des Großen Terrors.

Kotlerman, Ber Boris. In Search of Milk and Honey: The Theater of “Soviet Jewish Statehood,” (1934–49).

Frierson, Cathy A. and Semyon S. Vilensky. Children of the Gulag.

Hoffman, Deborah, ed, trans. The Littlest Enemies: Children in the Shadow of the Gulag.

West, Nigel, and Oleg Tsarev. Triplex: Secrets from the Cambridge Spies.

Campi, Alicia and R. Baasan. The Impact of China and Russia on United States-Mongolian Political Relations in the Twentieth Century.

Grieger, Manfred, et al., eds. Towards Mobility: Varieties of Automobilism in East and West.

Gilligan, Emma. Terror in Chechnya: Russia and the Tragedy of Civilians in War.

Social Sciences, Contemporary Russia, and Other

Orttung, Robert W., and Anthony Latta, eds. Russia's Battle with Crime, Corruption, and Terrorism.

Höjdestrand, Tova. Needed by Nobody: Homelessness and Humanness in Post-Socialist Russia.

White, Stephen, et al., eds. Developments in Russian Politics 7.

Hutchings, Stephen and Natalia Rulyova. Television and Culture in Putin's Russia: Remote Control.

Wegren, Stephen K., and Dale R. Herspring. After Putin's Russia: Past Imperfect, Future Uncertain.

Matlock Jr., Jack F. Superpower Illusions: How Myths and False Ideologies Led America Astray – And How to Return to Reality.