• Verbal working memory;
  • alcohol use disorders;
  • brain function;
  • young males;
  • fMRI;
  • 2-back task

Park, M.-S., Sohn, S., Park, J.-E., Kim, S.-H., Yu, I.K. & Sohn, J.-H. (2011). Brain functions associated with verbal working memory tasks among young males with alcohol use disorders. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 52, 1–7.

This study aimed to investigate the differences in brain functions during verbal working memory between individuals with alcohol use disorders (AUD) and normal controls. fMRI was used to scan brain activations associated with verbal working memory while participants performed 2-back and 0-back tasks. A total of 21 young male college students participated in the study. Eleven of those who clinically met the criteria for AUD were assigned to the AUD group, whereas ten demographically similar subjects who were social drinkers but not AUD were assigned to the normal control group. The AUD group showed less activation in bilateral frontal and precentral, left superior temporal, left superior parietal, and left cerebellar cortex during the 2-back task relative to 0-back task compared to the normal control group. In contrast, the control group showed less activation only in the right uncus than the AUD group. These results suggest that subjects with AUD present abnormality in brain functioning during verbal working memory.