• Five Factor Model;
  • personality disorders;
  • selection assessment;
  • personality judgments

Nederström, M. & Furnham A. (2012). The relationship between the FFM and personality disorders in a personnel selection sample. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 53, 421–429.

The relationships between the Five Factor Model (FFM) personality and personality disorders were investigated. A sample of real-life job applicants completed two personality questionnaires with different theoretical backgrounds in a psychological assessment center. The job applicants provided self-descriptions both on the FFM inventory and on a personality disorder trait inventory. A subsample of these candidates was interviewed by expert psychologists upon entrance to the assessment center. The psychologists assessed the same disorder traits of each target in job interviews. Both self-descriptions were used to predict the expert assessments. The results demonstrated considerable overlap between the FFM measures of normal and measures of abnormal personality in both samples and regardless of assessment method.