• Buckley–James estimator;
  • censored linear regression;
  • missing covariates;
  • rank statistic;
  • two-phase sampling design

Abstract.  The Buckley–James estimator (BJE) is a well-known estimator for linear regression models with censored data. Ritov has generalized the BJE to a semiparametric setting and demonstrated that his class of Buckley–James type estimators is asymptotically equivalent to the class of rank-based estimators proposed by Tsiatis. In this article, we revisit such relationship in censored data with covariates missing by design. By exploring a similar relationship between our proposed class of Buckley–James type estimating functions to the class of rank-based estimating functions recently generalized by Nan, Kalbfleisch and Yu, we establish asymptotic properties of our proposed estimators. We also conduct numerical studies to compare asymptotic efficiencies from various estimators.