Non-Take Up of Social Benefits in Greece and Spain


Manos Matsaganis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Department of International and European Economic Studies, 76 Patission St , Athens 10434, Greece. Email:


Even though interest in non-take up of social benefits is considerable in many European countries, the topic is under-researched in southern Europe. This article provides preliminary estimates of the extent of non-take up of two pairs of means-tested retirement benefits in Greece and Spain. The benefits examined are: (1) the minimum pension supplements pensioner social solidarity benefit EKAΣ and complementos por mínimos; and (2) the social pensions pension to uninsured elderly and pensión de jubilación no contributiva. The article finds that non-take up of social benefits in the two countries is rather extensive, examines the methodological difficulties inherent in the analysis of non-take up, and concludes with a discussion of the results and their implications.