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  • The Population Investigation Committee's Survey from which the material in this paper has been drawn was made possible by a generous grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and welcome additional support obtained through the Family Planning Association from the Oliver Bird Trust, and through the National Marriage Guidance Council from the Sir Halley Stewart Trust. The grant from the Sir Halley Stewart Trust provided for the inclusion in the inquiry of some topics of special interest to the Marriage Guidance Movement and I am very grateful to the staff of the National Marriage Guidance Council, in particular Mr. A. J. Brayshaw and Mr. Alan Ingleby for their help in drafting these questions.

    The fieldwork was carried out by Social Siureys (Gallup Poll) Ltd., whose research staff also helped in designing the sample and in drafting the long questionnaire. It is irnpossible to mention all those in the Gallup Poll organisation who contributed to the success of the study but I should like to express particular thanks to the Director, Dr. Henry Durant. I am filled with admiration for the regional supervisors and the interviewers whose work in tracing and questioning the selected persons resulted in a much better response rate than had at first seemed likely.

    I am indebted to Prof. D. V. Glass, Chairman of the Population Investigation Committee, who initiated the whole survey and to Griselda Rowntree, until recently Research Officer to the Population Investigation Committee, who have constantly advised and encouraged me.

    Finally, and most emphatically, I should like to thank the several thousand men and women who willingly took part in this inquiry into their private lives in order to help extend public understanding of the social aspects of courtship, marriage and family building.

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